Wristshot of the day: CYMA SUB 300T

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Another Synchron diver, this time the CYMA SUB 300T.

From a far it’s easy to mistake this one for the more well-known DOXA SUB 300T with orange dial.

CYMA SUB 300T – by Synchron

But up close you see the CYMA logo.

CYMA SUB 300T – by Synchron

The fact is that Synchron made these SUB 300T labelled whit several of their sub brands, DOXA, CYMA and Ernest Borel.

The most famous being the DOXA SUB 300 US version with the Aqualung and feet bezel.

This CYMA, European market hence the meters bezel and lack of the Aqualung, is much harder to come by. Guessing that the production numbers were much less for the CYMA than for the DOXA version.