About the Blomman Watch Report

Welcome to the Blomman Watch Report!

I am Blomman, a watch collector passionate about most watch related things. This is the place I have chosen to gather my reports on the topic.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic E 168 – including the sputnik box

My interests around watches span over wrist watches, pocket watches and clocks. Vintage- and modern. Plus basically any accessories related to these watches and clocks so there will be a large variety of topics here.

This blog is not associated with any company or brand, watches or otherwise, while my interest in watches will bring focus to certain watch brands there are no affiliations and reports here will be “as I see it”, good or bad.

I have contacts with watch brands and watch brand representatives and will continue so, but no affiliations.

This is a non-profit blog, no economical sponsorship requested since there are no commercial interests here.

I hope you will enjoy this place.


The Blomman Watch Report is a part of “T.W.O: The Watch Observatory