Shot of the day: LeCoultre Quartermaster 24h movement

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Today I like to share the only wrist watch from LeCoultre or Jaeger-LeCoultre for that matter, that I am aware of, with a true 24h movement: The LeCoultre Quartermaster.

The Quartermaster claims to be part of a LeCoultre 125 Years Jubilé Collection. I never saw any documentation proving there ever was a LeCoultre Jubilé Collection, similar to what we have seen on the European market.

But the 125 Anniversary has been mentioned in several documents and also printed on the boxes.

Like this one – US market LeCoultre box from 1958.

LeCoultre Quartermaster – on top of it’s original box

Mentioning of the 125th Anniversary in documents – like this LeCoultre Master Mariner ad from 1958.

There are a few LeCoultre watches that comes to mind that might have been in such Anniversary Collection, like the Quartermaster and the Master Mariner. I also saw a LeCoultre reference 2233, same as in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Jubilé Collection but nothing firm to prove a separate collection existence.

But it would make sense if it did… And if, I have a suspicion of another watch that would have been included…

To be continued.

LeCoultre – Master Mariner ad 1958