Shot of the day: Enicar Healthways – Early divers watch

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One of my more recent catches, the Enicar Healthways. This is one of the early Enicar’s with a divers watch dial. Black dial with large luminous hands and index.

One I wanted to add to my early divers collection for a long time but never could find one in decent condition. Divers watch dial, strong case, no turning bezel.

This one, I finally were able to convince the owner into letting me have! If you read this – thank you, my friend!

Enicar Healthways – 100 fathom

A watch full of character and interesting details!

One of them the depth rating, 100 fathom. Clearly a nudge toward another brand who were famous during this period, the 1950’s, for their watches rated only 50 fathom…

This one will need some love and care, but I will return with more on this watch once that’s done!