A second shot of the Enicar Healthways

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A very intriguing watch, the Enicar Healthways. So many “odd and quirky” details, so much to discover!

While reading up on the Enicar and the Sherpa history I realised just how big the Sherpa family really is!

Only with this type of dial, with big luminous index and 12/3/6/9 is a whole family in itself!

It will take time to read up and learn – which is a big part of the fun!

Meanwhile, here is a second shot of my first Healthways, this time with matching document.

I say first, because I fear I just opened another Pandoras box… This is another theme you can lose yourself in!

This document is from 1957, the watch is unmistakable an Enicar Sherpa whit this type of dial but without details…

I suspect this was made on purpose to cover more versions of the watch. As said, Enicar Sherpa with this kind of dial is a whole family!

Mine is “Healthways 100 Fathom” but there were more versions, “Healthways 100”, “Sherpa Automatic”, “Sherpas Special Ultrasonic”, “Seapearl 600”, there was even a Chronometer version(!) and maybe even more…