On the wooden beam: Omega 2914-4 Railmaster

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Today on the wooden beam I like to share my Omega 2914-4 Railmaster. Based on the movement number, from 1960.

As you might have noticed, I love the Railmaster! I mean, what’s not to love – iconic model, antimagnetic, steel tool watch originating from the late 1950’s (1957)…

On the wooden beam: Omega 2914-4 Railmaster.

On the wooden beam – Omega 2914-4 Railmaster

Up front it’s hard to see difference between the different dash numbers. The most obvious differences are the hands. Even if most documents featuring the 2914 with the broad arrow on the hour hand, there were other versions as well.

Like this 2914-4 with Dauphin hands, Notice that the luminous areas are not only thin straight lines like on many other Dauphine hands of the time, but wider and on the hour hand its triangular shaped.

Here is an example of 2914 document: Swedish catalogue from 1958. Notice that the scan do not mention 2914 or dash number. Only “905” which I interprets as a Swedish local reference. BTW, the 2913 is “919” and 2915 is “686” in the Swedish catalogue.

Swedish Omega catalogue 1958 – 2914 with broad arrow

More wooden beam posts to come, so stay tuned!