On the wooden beam: MIMO CENTRIC Pulsometer

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As you know in the early half of the 1900, Girard-Perregaux and MIMO were under the same ownership. During this time both brands shared several very interesting watches with the only difference being the branding on the dial and movement.

One of these watches was the MIMO CENTRIC!

MIMO CENTRIC, a regulator with different scales around the bezel. Some refer to them as “doctors watches” due to the configuration – the focus is on the seconds. In combination with a scale, it can be very useful for a doctor.

First of my MIMO CENTRIC on the wooden beam is the Pulsometer:

MIMO CENTRIC Pulsometer – on the wooden beam

As most regulators, hours on the top sub-dial, minutes on the bottom sub-dial and the seconds on the central dial.

With the Pulsometer in red as well as the central seconds hand its easy to read the scale. As you can see, the Pulsometer scale goes through the hour and minute markers making the use of the scale even easier, clearly showing priority here.

MIMO CENTRIC – Pulsometer in red

Back in the early 1940’s there were no heart monitors to rely on… So you better carry it on your wrist!

MIMO CENTRIC Pulsometer – on the wrist

This is a theme I will come back to more and go deeper into details, so stay tuned!