Shot of the day: IWC Ingenieur 666 AD in Steel

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As I told you before, I love the antimagnetic theme! I love it so much that I often end up with doubles or triples…!

I already posted my IWC Ingenieur 666 AD in 18K gold, this time it is the stainless steel version.

Up front the IWC Ingenieur may look a bit “ordinary”, like many watches originating from the 1950’s. Round, sunburst silver dial, Dauphin hands…

What is hard to transfer in pictures is the volume of the case. With a diameter of 36.5 mm and with the extra inner case, the Ingenieur is both larger and thicker than the equivalent normal dress watch of the time. Adding the strong lugs and you have a winner!

IWC Ingenieur 666 AD in Steel

Some say that the date version should have a cyclops over date window in the original crystal. That is not really correct. According to the text in this Swedish catalogue from early 1960’s, it seems like without cyclop were standard and that the cyclops was an additional feature.

Swedish: …”kunna levereras även med förstoringsglas över datumfönstret.”

Translated to English: … “can also be delivered with magnifying glass over the date window.”

Scan from IWC catalogue – Swedish, early 1960’s

Backdrop of the shot is this pamphlet from the mid 1960’s:

Backdrop – IWC pamphlet U.S., mid 1960’s

250 USD for the steel watch, 550 USD for the 18K gold version. Yes, those were the days…