Shot of the day: Omega 145.014 Speedmaster Mk II Racing dial

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I remember standing on the platform looking at the Speedmaster train leaving the station…

Not many years ago you could get a decent Speedmaster 2998 for what today would be considered a real barging. My mistake was that I waited too long, I wanted a really nice Speedmaster 2998-2 with lollipop to match with my other two lollipop Omega’s…

Now, the early Speedmaster’s reached the sky… Or should I say “the Moon”!

I am of the opinion that every collector should have or have had at least one Omega Speedmaster in their collection…

Here is my first ever Omega Speedmaster – the 145.014 Speedmaster Mk II with racing dial:

Omega 145.014 Speedmaster Mk II – racing dial

I am not a real Omega collector but the Speedmaster is after all the most famous quality chronograph ever in the wrist watch history.

But it’s not only the most famous, it is also one of the most produced. From 1957 all the way until today. And with the 50 years anniversary of the Moon landing, the Speedmaster is more popular that ever!

So to make sure I am not missing the next Speedmaster train, I got this “Speedy” Mk II with the racing dial and the famous manual Calibre 861 inside.

Once I found it, I had to wait for the watch for some time, but the wait was well worth it as CrownComfort made a personal delivery from the seller to me. Big thank you, my friend! Make sure to visit his blog: The GP Chronicles

The Speedmaster Mk II is a typical Funky 70’s watch, big bulky cushion shaped case and the racing dial adds a splash of colour!

Since I prefer leather strap over metal bracelet, I had to try a dark brown Shell Cordovan strap, but I think the original bracelet looks better…

Omega 145.014 Speedmaster Mk II – on leather strap

Will keep it on the bracelet until I find something better fitting… Maybe a black or grey calf skin strap with orange stitches..?

Omega 145.014 Speedmaster Mk II – on the wrist

My initial thoughts about this watch is very good! Fear it will not be my last “Speedy”…

Used as backdrop in my shots, Spanish Omega pamphlet from early 1970’s:

Omega pamphlet – early 1970’s. Speedmaster Mk III, Mk II and Flightmaster

Yes, another Funky 70’s Omega… Another theme to go deeper into…