On the wooden beam: Tissot 4002-1 Navigator

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World Time watches always fascinated a lot of collectors, me included. The thought of being able to see what time it is in different parts of the world in a glace is very appealing.

This is a watch that Tissot made a re-edition of several times… When you see an original Tissot Navigator like this reference 4002-1, it is easy to understand why – charming, full of character and history!

Tissot Navigator reference 4002-1, on the wooden beam:

Tissot 4002-1 Navigator – on the wooden beam

If my understanding is correct, the Tissot Navigator was first released in 1951. Fantastic to see a real World Timer with automatic movement that early!

Inside is the Calibre 285N-21T, bumper automatic movement. Based on the movement number, my Navigator is from 1953.

How it works, the hands show your local time on the bezel like any normal watch while the different time zones are visualised by the city names on the inner rotating dial. On the outer dial is a 24h indication, the inner dial rotates one full circle in 24 hours, while the hour hand makes two full circles in 24 hours.

Tissot 4002-1 Navigator – bezel local time, outer dial world time

On the wrist, it’s a wonderful watch! Good size, 36 mm, strong lugs and yes, you feel like the Globe on your wrist!

Tissot 4002-1 Navigator

Here is a scan from 1951: “The Globe on your wrist – Tissot Navigator”.

Tissot ad – Navigator 1951

The summer is coming to an end here in Sweden, but I still have a few more wooden beam post before the season is over, so stay tuned!