Jaeger-LeCoultre E 861 Memovox

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The Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox reference E 861 is what I consider to be the very first “Funky 70’s Memovox” from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Presented at the 1968 Watch and Jewellery fair in Genève:

1968 Genève Watch and Jewellery fair

Here the E 861 looks a bit odd since focus for the fair was more on ladies’ watches and jewelleries.

1968 Genève Watch and Jewellery fair

Inside is the Calibre 825 bumper automatic shared with some more well-known Memovox references like the E 855 and E 859 “The Polaris”.

Jaeger-LeCoultre French magazine ad from 1969

One interesting detail is the “GT” on the alarm disk.

“GT” often referred to as an abbreviation for Grande Taille (“large size” in French) case size.

But when you see this catalogue page from 1970, you may start to wonder if “GT” stands for “Gran Turismo”?!

What other reason would there be to have an Opel GT matched together with the E 861?

1970 Jaeger-LeCoultre German catalogue

The E 861 is even described as “GT-model” in the price list.

1970 Jaeger-LeCoultre German pricelist

Notable is that even if the E 870 Polaris II also share the “GT” on the alarm disk, it is not described as an “GT-model”.

In fact, the “GT” can be found on all Memovox with oval case shape:

E 861, E 870, E 873 – but the only one being referred to as an “GT model” is the E 861.

Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue scans E 861, E 870, E 873

E 861 – Watch, paper and box…

Jaeger-LeCoultre E 861 Memovox

It’s always a treat when you find a NOS watch including the original box, paper…

Jaeger-LeCoultre E 861 Memovox original box and paper

Manual, strap and buckle.

Jaeger-LeCoultre E 861 Memovox original buckle and strap
Jaeger-LeCoultre E 861 Memovox original set

A deeper review of the Memovox E 861 will follow. Stay tuned!