Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic 9076 Deep Diver

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Last week I showed you the more classic looking Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic reference 8867 Deep Diver.

This week I thought we go “deeper” and have a look at the next reference in the Deep Diver line, the Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic reference 9076 Deep Diver.

Initially I misread the production card and thought one of the notes on the card referred to the production year (1976). Now, several years later I found documents which points in a different direction…

But first, let’s have a look at the Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic reference 9076 Deep Diver.

Here is the reference 9076 B: Black matt dial, applied index, red lines on each hour mark and black bezel.

Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic Deep Diver – 9076 B

Reference 9076 C: Green sunburst dial, painted tritium index and green bezel.

To see the true nature of this dial which is the reason for it’s nickname “the Green Lantern”, you need to see the dial in sunlight – Girard-Perregaux Deep Diver, the 9076 a.k.a. “The Green Lantern”

Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic Deep Diver – 9076 C

Mentioned above is what differs the T.W.O versions apart.

What they do have in common: Cushion shaped case, 39.5 mm in diameter, 44 mm lug to lug. Rotating bezel matching the dial colour. Mineral glass crystal, not plexi. Big luminous hands and index. Screw-in crown and screw-down case back.

Inside is the GP Calibre 42.3 which is based on the Calibre AS 1843.

According to the Girard-Perregaux manufacture records, the reference 9076 were made in two batches, 9076 B in 1000 pieces and 9076 C in 500 pieces.

As previous said, I misread one note on the production card and thought the 9076 was produced in 1976… This statement I will now have to retract and present new facts in the case.

Exhibit A: scan from the 1969-1970 Girard-Perregaux European catalogue #591 (yes, a two-year catalogue). Here you have the 9076 B in colour, the tritium is still new, still greenish colour.

Girard-Perregaux 1969-1970 catalogue – #591 European

Was 1969 the year of production? I suspect so based on – 1) the predecessor reference 8867 were in production 1966 and 1967. 2) None of the catalogues from 1968 I have shows the 9076.

Exhibit B: scan from the 1971 Girard-Perregaux U.S. catalogue. Again the 9076 B.

Girard-Perregaux 1971 catalogue – U.S.

Note – In the U.S. at this point Girard-Perregaux used a completelt different system to identifying the watch. First number is a “catalogue number” and the second is a “style number”.

In the scan above, M3293 is reference 9107 and M3292BR is 9076. Guessing the “M” is for Men, 329 is for Automatic with date, last digit for the specific watch and BR for Bracelet.

Either way, the earlier note about 1976 I figured is referring to the price. Retail price for a 9076 with bracelet back in 1969/1970 – CHF 365, price in 1971 – USD 145.

The 9076 can’t have been a big seller back in the days… The note for 1976 retail price is CHF 350. 1500 watches, six-seven years later… Not sold out, lower price…

But that should not be too surprising considering that during this period quartz were moving forward, something Girard-Perregaux were focusing a lot of development on, fashion were more of gold and thin watches… Yes, the 9076 were more of a tool watch for those who liked skin-diving.

No matter it’s popularity back then – today, I find them magic! Big, bulky, Funky 70’s – what’s not to love?!

Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic Deep Diver – 9076 B and 9076 C

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We will continue to go through all the versions of the Deep Diver here, the 9107 seen above is one of them, so stay tuned!

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