Jaeger-LeCoultre: Ladies pendant watch

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The other day I posted about LeCoultre in the U.S. market…

Today I like to report about a Jaeger-LeCoultre Uniplan ladies pendant watch and LeCoultre in Italy…

This is a small ladies pendant watch, 23 mm times 14.5 mm.

These are often called “Nurse” watches as they hang upside down pinned on the blouse of a the nurse. Only way to see the time would be for the nurse to lift it with one hand out from the body.

Today I guess this Jaeger-LeCoultre branded dial would be called “Salmon”…

Jaeger-LeCoultre Ladies pendant watch – salmon dial

Guess this was made for the French market as the stainless steel case back is marked “Fab. Suisse”.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Ladies pendant watch – Fab Suisse

Jaeger-LeCoultre made many version of these kind of pendant watches. In this ad from the 17th of December 1938 there are T.W.O other versions shown.

Jaeger-LeCoultre ad – 1938 France

Used as a background in the photos is this post card from 1936, illustrating three ladies watches: reference 1008, 440 and 436.

Notice the LeCoultre logo.

LeCoultre Post card – 1936 Italy

This post card is from Hausmann & Co in Rome…

LeCoultre Post card – Hausmann & Co, Rome

And to show you the year: 1936.

LeCoultre Post card – 1936 Italy

Yes, this raise a lot of new questions regarding the relationship between Jaeger-LeCoultre and LeCoultre! And not only in the U.S. market…

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Food for thoughts… Stay tuned as I will continue this topic.