Pronto Submersible Spezial

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A diver without turning bezel from the late 1950s.

The Pronto Submersible Spezial, a divers watch – manual movement with date and sub-seconds but without the classic divers watch turning bezel.

Yes, a quite odd looking bird. But when you see the patina of the dial there is no doubt, this is a beauty! The original black dial has turned into a sweet dark chocolate.

Pronto Submersible Spezial

The Pronto Submersible Spezial is not very well-known or famous, but full of charm. Strong lugs, strong hands.

A bit odd for a divers watch to have sub-seconds and date window, but with a dial like this I don’t mind.

Looking at the dial, there are a lot of familiar elements. The Omega Seamaster 300/Railmaster and Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm comes to mind…

Would not be surprised if the Submersible Spezial dial was made by the same maker as the above, Singer.

Pronto Submersible Spezial

Inside is the manual Calibre AS 1560. Another odd detail as most divers watches have automatic movements to avoid the manual winding which risk the water resistance of the crown.

Pronto Submersible Spezial

The 36mm case sits very comfortable on the wrist.

Pronto Submersible Spezial on the wrist

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