Third of Advent shot: Girard-Perregaux 7050 Gyromatic

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As said – the colder outside, the more I tend to wear coloured gold watches… To at least feel warm around my wrist!

This special watch I received as a gift from a dear friend, for a very special occasion, so yes – I always feel warm when I am wearing this Girard-Perregaux reference 7050 Gyromatic!

One week left… Soon to be off from work, just to relax and enjoy… What better way to countdown with the 7050?

At first glance the 7050 case may look quite straight forward, simple, almost too simple… But in details it is a perfectly balanced case with several subtle details which makes all the difference!

Maybe I will have time this Holiday to take some detailed shots and explain the 7050 case?

Stay tuned for more! Or as always, visit the GP Chronicles for more Girard-Perregaux right away!