LeCoultre 462 Obelisk

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Let’s take a break from the Jaeger-LeCoultre Heritage Gallery and bring out a piece from my personal gallery – my LeCoultre Gallery…

Up until a some years ago, I tried to focus mainly on Jaeger-LeCoultre… But I realised, by doing that I would miss out on a big part of the Manufacture history!

So I needed to adjust my mindset and collection…

Outcome are partly my U.S. Market reports here on my blog, but also a few LeCoultre pieces which came into the collection…

Next one is such piece – What do Jaeger-LeCoultre or LeCoultre have to do with ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and obelisks?I guess not much…

LeCoultre 462 Obelisk – T.W.O Egyptian Pharaohs

Unless you put a 8-days clock inside one of them – which did LeCoultre, of course!

LeCoultre 462 Obelisk – 8-days movement

LeCoultre reference 462 Obélisque here shown in one of the mid 1960’s LeCoultre catalogues:

LeCoultre 462 Obelisk – USD 39.95

Notice the French spelling – even if in the U.S. catalogue. Price USD 39.95.

Another fun part is the “Prices subject to change without notice” line.

You get one price at the counter… Once you reach the checkout, there might be a surprise…! Anything under USD 100.00 and I would be happy!

Inside is a 8-days movement, most likely Calibre 201 or one of its offspring’s… As it works, I haven’t taken it apart…

The base is rectangular, 63.5 mm – all four sides decorated with the same Pharaoh motif.

The case is made of brass with gilt and lacquer sides. 67 mm high, in total 235 mm including the obelisk plexi-crystal.

LeCoultre 462 Obelisk – 23.5 cm high in total

Another, somewhat odd, yet fun and playful 1960’s creation from Le Grand Maison!

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Stay tuned for more fun and playful pieces!