Jaeger-LeCoultre and the U.S. market: Special watches – Sir Warren and Lady Mignonette

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The volume of different models that were produced during the 1950’s is quite impressive.

So many different dial, case and lug styles in approximate the same size, using the same movements makes it hard to keep track of all!

Unfortunately I fear that any archives with records of produced numbers are lost or hidden by time past…

Today I like to present anther pair of “His & Hers” matching watches made by LeCoultre in the U.S. market during the 1950’s.

Again, it is a watch shared by @ttothmilan – thank you! All photos of the watch is credit to him.

The watch in question, the Mignonette is of the many ladies watches which had movements imported from the manufacture in Switzerland and later were cased and timed in the U.S.

LeCoultre Mignonette – for her

Not only there were many different models, each models had various versions of dials and case metal.

In this ad from 1953, the Mignonette is featured with a different dial and type of hands and the ad tells about both 14K yellow and white cold case, both at the price of USD 110.

LeCoultre ad 1953 – Mignonette, Marquise and Flair

So, if this is the watch for her, were there a Mignonette for Him?

Well, I found the one after some digging…

At first I tried to find a masculine name of Mignonette but could not find any – then I remember seeing this ad – another matching “his & her” pair but without the matching names! For her – Harriet, for him – Marshall:

LeCoultre ad 1957 – Harriet and Marshall

Even if the names are not matching, its clear that the T.W.O belong together.

Without the matching name in mind I found the matching watch for the Mignonette – for him, the Sir Warren!

LeCoultre ad 1953 – Lady Rose, Sir Warren, Lady Peg and Sir Winston

In this ad is a year of release reference: “created to celebrate the founding of the LeCoultre factory, 120 years ago”.

This ad is from 1953 which match the 120 anniversary of the LeCoultre workshop founded in 1833 in Le Sentier.

Interesting to see this mentioning of the 120 anniversary. I never found any reference to this event in any of the European documents I have.

Based on the look of the Sir Warren, my guess would be that inside is the same Calibre 480/CW as in the LeCoultre Baron and that size is approximately the same, 27-28 mm wide.

Going back to the Mignonette – the square case is approximately 20 mm wide, wide bezel making the dial very small.

LeCoultre Mignonette – small dial, wide bezel

Cased and timed in the U.S.A. Guessing that the 402-827 is the case reference.

What wasn’t stated in the advertisement is that the Mignonette also was available in 10K gold filled case – as can be seen here.

LeCoultre Mignonette – 10K gold filled case

Inside is the Calibre 490 which was in production between 1947 to 1960 made in the staggering number – 187000 pieces!

One can only imagine how many different models used this movement…!

LeCoultre Calibre 490

Yes, the Sir Warren and Lady Mignonette – one of many His & Her pairs, wonder if it is possible to track down all?

LeCoultre ad 1953 – Mignonette, Judy and Rhonda

A big thank you to @ttothmilan sharing his watch and letting me shine a light on it here!

If you like these special watches for the U.S. market – make a search on the blog for more.

The 120 Years Anniversary of the manufacture is a interesting detail I will try to find out more about – stay tuned!