Jaeger-LeCoultre: Funky 70’s reference 562

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As you know, I love the Funky 70’s design – big and bold, often in less discrete colours!

Jaeger-LeCoultre had many quite unusual designs during the period, end of the 1960’s and beginning of the 1970’s… One of them, the reference 562!

When I say unusual designs, it is in the sense of unusual for Jaeger-LeCoultre… For the Funky 70’s period – not very unusual or as extreme as some other brands…

Characteristics for Jaeger-LeCoultre Funky 70’s design watches are that they are often in larger, rounder shapes – not classic round, often with different colours of dials and hands – blue being the dominant none-classic colour.

Another thing most of these watches have in common is the they are all very comfortable on the wrist!

As said, this is a theme I love, so when my friend sent me photos of his NOS reference 562, I could not resist of asking to share it here with you!

Watch and photos credit: @johnjbatten

Jaeger-LeCoultre: Funky 70’s reference 562.42.164 – the numbers are 562 = unique reference id . 42 = stainless steel case . 164 = basic dial, blue, raised applied hour markers:

Jaeger-LeCoultre – reference 562.42.164

Up front, the 562 looks rather classic round with a bit unusual bezel… In profile, one can see the Funky 70’s more clearly!

The profile shows a outward angled case side and that the bezel is lower at the lugs which creates the unusual look from the dial side.

Another interesting detail is the hidden lugs that allows the unbroken round shape from the dial side.

This watch have many nicknames, “disco-volante”, “ufo”, “flying saucer”,… Referring to the shape that the domed crystal and the screw-down case back creates.

In this view the unusual bezel shape is shown even more – the sharp outer corner, raised sides at 9 and 3, lowered sides at 12 and 6…

Notice the wide space between the bezel and the domed crystal, created by angles from both sides!

Several brands have had watches with same or similar nicknames and designs, but those watches have often been smaller in size – the 562 is 40 mm in diameter. With this larger size, it really lives up to these nicknames!

Based on observed movement numbers, the 562 was in production approximately between 1969 – 1971.

Inside is the automatic movement, Calibre K 883 – same as several other watches from this period including the E 558 Deep Sea Master Mariner “Barracuda”.

Looking at case numbers, my guess is that only a few hundred watches of the 562 was ever made. So far, all I have seen have numbers starting with 1322nnn.

The case is water resistant down to 3 ATM/30 meters. Except for the stainless steel (.42) version, I have seen gold plated bezel/stainless steel case back (.51). Not sure if 18K solid gold (.21/.22) ever existed like with the E 877 Memovox Snowdrop, but if, then that would be in a very small number…

Speaking of various versions – silver/white (.104) and grey/gold (.114) dials can also be seen online.

In some ways, this case reminds me very much of the E 877 case – round from dial side, hidden lugs, screw-down case back…

Here, on the wrist – the dark blue original strap including buckle is a very nice bonus!

A big thank you to my friend for letting me share his watch here! Watch and photos credit: @johnjbatten

Stay tuned for more Funky 70’s reports…