Short update on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Pendant 428

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I like to share short a update on my Jaeger-LeCoultre pendant 428 and a small reflection on watch fashion of the 1930’s…

As I mentioned several times, through times – watch brands follow each other closer than we might realise!

But let’s start with the update I have on my Jaeger pendant 428 – here on top of the cover of a magazine from 1936 –

Jaeger pendant 428

Inside, featured under novelties is the LeCoultre 428!

Even if LeCoultre branded and with the dial orientation in the opposite direction to my Jaeger version, it’s clear to see that this is the same pendant!

You who read my initial report on this watch remember that there is an engraving on the back saying 1954… But now I found a second source to confirm that the pendant 428 was introduced in 1936 – T.W.O independent sources pointing to the same year as release – check and double check all source information, time consuming but very rewarding!

What I also find interesting to see in the scan below is that similarities between the different dials – the Mido’s have similar zone/sector dials as the 428. Even the rectangular Era have a similar dial!

Novelties 1936 – Mido, Ebel, Era and LeCoultre

Side note – look at the LeCoultre Calibre 101!

Same thing can be seen in the next scan – same magazine, similar dials on the Universal and again, Mido.

The Mido “conquille” looks like a more extreme version of the LeCoultre 428…!

Visually similar offerings from several brands… Sounds familiar? If your read my Quartz era report, you know it was the same then as well…

Novelties 1936 – Univerasl, Mido and Omega

Just to show that this is not an coincident – here, a Rolex ad from the same magazine: again, similar dials

Rolex 1936 advertisement

For me it is a great pleasure every time I am able to cross check and confirm information through multiple sources. Every piece of information I able to confirm about a watch makes me appreciate it even more!

Jaeger pendant 428

Even if I do not wear these kind of watches, I enjoy them very much as they help me in my journey through the Jaeger-LeCoultre universe!

Here is a link to my initial post on the Pendant 428 – stay tuned for more!