Enicar Single Crown-Super Compressor Case

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A less known brand among collectors is the Enicar brand. Their most famous watches are probably the 36 mm and 42 mm two crowns Super Compressor watches. But the brand had a big spectra of interesting watches

One of these models was the single crown Super Compressor case, time only watches Enicar did during the 1950s and 1960s.

Earlier I showed you some of my Lemania single crown Super Compressor case watches. Enicar and Lemania share a lot of common points here.

Up front the Enicar Sherpa looks much like one of today’s dress watches. Sunburst dial in silver, applied hour markers in metal matching the case, elegant shaped hands.

It’s interesting to see how close brands followed each other through the times. Not only do the Lemania and the Enicar look similar, they share the same case diameter, 35 mm.

Same hatched patterned crown but of course different logo. Different lugs shapes and not drilled through lug holes.

On the back there is no divers helmet, but the Seapearl engraving. Seapearl were introduced in 1956 as Enicar waterproof line.

On the inside of the case back we find the biggest difference; the case back is not a traditional screw down case back, but equipped with a bayonet locking system. Here we also see the divers helmet and the E.P.S.A. markings. 4-58 indicating that this watch is from 1958.

Inside is the manual Enicar Calibre AR 1120, a robust movement with good power reserve, 47 h.

You may think its strange with two brands having almost a identical looking watch at the same time? Its not! This is just one example showing similarities between different brands. During the history of wrist watches many of the major brands have followed each other and still do today.

I will point out more examples… Stay tuned!