Shot of the day: Eterna-matic Centenaire

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In 1956 Eterna-matic released a new line for their 100 Year Anniversary called “Centenaire”. French for 100 years anniversary.

Even if the name is connected to 100 years, they kept the line going during the whole 1960’s and also into the 1970’s. Not sure if they did during the 1980’s but it would not surprise me…

Here is one example from the 1960’s, time only – hours and minutes, no seconds hand.

Eterna-matic – 1960’s Centenaire

Common features for the line were; dress watches with quite thin bezel and automatic movements.

From the very first version in 1956 and onwards there were a lot of different versions, both round and square. Time only, both with or without seconds hand. With or without date and some of the with Chronometer certification.

Yes, another theme you could lose yourself in… Stay tuned, more to come about these Centenaire!