Shot of the day: JeanRichard 1581 Aquastar

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Aquastar is a name which have been been around for some time… Both as a model and a brand.

Personally I never really explored this theme properly but when I realised the connection between JeanRichard and Girard-Perregaux I could not help myself but to pick up one of the early JeanRichard Aquastar 10 ATM.

It is hard to find some solid information about these earlier Aquastar, often you can see this model referred to as “Aquastar 60”. Some sources state production years 1958 – 1962.

My observation is that the “Aquastar 60” is in fact several different references with different bezel and hand versions. The more common is the reference 1701 and there are at least T.W.O bezel versions of which the more common version have a minute scale on the bezel 1-20.

When it come to the hands there are even more versions.

Mine is the reference 1581, same or similar case as the 1701, but with 5 minutes marks all around the bezel.

JeanRichard 1581 Aquastar – 10 ATM / 100 meters

A very charming diver at 36 mm in diameter.

JeanRichard 1581 Aquastar – 36 mm solid stainless steel case

Charming and solid, the case back have a external rotating locking ring.

Inside is the Calibre AS 1581. One might think the the references 1581 and 1701 refers to the movement inside as most of the 1701 I seen have the Calibre AS 1701 inside… But there are several exceptions so I am not ready to draw that conclusion…

JeanRichard 1581 Aquastar – solid case back and locking system

Later the more well-known Aquastar as a brand appeared.

Here are two scans from my library – this first one from the 1970 Basel Watch Fair:

1970 Basel Watch Fair – Aquastar

And the second one from the 1971 Basel Watch Fair:

1971 Basel Watch Fair – Aquastar

Notice the depth gauge, it bears the JeanRichard logo on the dial 6 o’clock.

Yes, Aquastar made a lot of interesting divers – another theme I should follow up on when time allows…

Stay tuned as we keep exploring old and new topics!