Jaeger-LeCoultre 125 Years Jubilé Collection Clock 69

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I have been going on about the Jaeger-LeCoultre 125 Years Jubilé Collection here several times and I will do so many times more!

The Jaeger-LeCoultre 125 Years Jubilé Collection was released in 1958 in honour of celebrating the 125 years anniversary of the manufacture.

Some of the watches have become icons of the brand and grails for us collectors…

Like the E 168 Geophysic, the 3160 Memovox International or the 3161 Memovox Parking. But the Jubilé Collection was more than men’s watches. There were both men’s and ladies watches, clocks and a Atmos.

I will show you all of them here, starting with the clock reference 69.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Clock 69 – in the original box

The reference 69 is a miniature alarm clock made in a yellow metal alloy (brass metal). The specifications say 62 mm but in real it’s closer to 61 mm. Powered by an 8 days, 15 jewels movement, most likely Calibre 206 (I have not opened the clock since it works perfectly).

The 69 clock – including the original box

Sides have black lacquer surface and up top is a pusher to stop the 12 hour alarm once it goes off, Jaeger-LeCoultre had a series of 24 hour alarm clocks as well but not in the Jubilé Collection.

The 69 clock – pusher on top to stop the alarm

On the back all needed to operate the clock; winding the movement including the alarm, setting time, setting alarm and adjusting the speed of the movement.

The 69 clock – easy to operate

You may have noticed that the inside of the box says Jaeger-LeCoultre while the dial of the clock says Jaeger.

Jaeger being a part of Jaeger-LeCoultre which mainly made clocks and technical instrument.

This reference 69 did not only come with the Jager dial, they were also made for the North American market with LeCoultre dials and if I searched a bit more in my boxes I think I would find a Jaeger-LeCoultre dial version as well…

The 69 clock – Jaeger and LeCoultre

The reference 69 is a very charming clock, impossible to only have one…!

Here, the reference 69 featured together with legends from the Jubilé Collection.

Parts of the Jubilé Collection – including the 69 clock