Jaeger 1930’s Pocket Watch Calibre 415

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During the 1930’s Jaeger-LeCoultre did make other watches and clocks than the Reverso. They are not mentioned much today as most of them are forgotten…

But they are a testimony of the depths and wide variety Jaeger-LeCoultre build their heritage on!

Based on the movement number this pocket watch is from 1935-1936.

Jager-LeCoultre made many different versions of these pocket watches with either Jaeger, Jaeger-LeCoultre or LeCoultre on the dial depending on market.

This one is dual signed, Jaeger and Keltz. French market, hence the Fab. Suisse below Jaeger.

Keltz I haven’t been able to find any information on, but suspect a watch retailer in France during that time period.

Jaeger pocket watch – French market ca 1935-1936

A very similar version was featured in one of Jaeger-LeCoultre ads on 9 of April 1938.

Jaeger-LeCoultre – French ad 9 of April 1938

Here is the full ad, there you also can see a white dial version of the pocket watch… And no, those are not Reverso’s, the rectangular watches shown are Uniplan’s. A topic I will return to later.

Jaeger-LeCoultre – Clocks, Ados, Pocket Watches, ladies and mens wrist watches

Inside most of these time only, sub-seconds pocket watches from this time are the Calibre 415. A 40mm in diameter movement, beating at 18.000 vph (2.5 Hz).

Jaeger-LeCoultre – Calibre 415

Here is the movement specification for the Calibre 415:

Jaeger-LeCoultre – movement specification Calibre 415