Zenith Chronometer Calibre 135

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I have previously showed you my Calibre 135 non-Chronometer and my Calibre 135 dual-signed Zenith Favre-Lebua Chronometer…

So let’s continue with the Calibre 135 single signed Zenith Chronometer.

First time I shared this watch, I got in contact with another collector who claimed this one to be one out of 60 pieces made in 1960, confirmed by the Zenith manufacture…

If this is true I have not confirmed with Zenith, but this gentleman have a great reputation and I have no reason to doubt his word, and yes he had just one like this watch. But one day I should get an extract from archive for this one.

Zenith – Chronometer Calibre 135

Since I got this information, I found a document which looks to be showing my watch. Model 2/3000 – stainless steel 349 SEK, gold plated 438 SEK and 18K gold 740 SEK.

Zenith Swedish catalogue – circa 1960

The document is not dated but based on the design of the document and the watches inside it looks to be from 1960 +/-1 or 2 years.

The case is very similar to the Captain Chronometer I have shared here earlier but 2 – 2.5 mm larger. Same long slender lugs, same thin bezel, same elegance! But bigger, 36-36.5 mm in diameter.

Question now is, is this my watch in the document? As said, the document is not dated and there is no specification of which movement inside model 2/3200… But it sure looks like the same!

Zenith – is this the 2/3200?

Based on the movement number my watch is from 1959-1960 which aligns with both the information from fellow collector and the document.

I know I already showed you the Calibre 135, but this is a movement I never get tired of looking at…

Zenith – Calibre 135

If you were in doubt of which type of buckle used at this point, here is a confirmation from the same document:

Zenith – buckle circa 1960

As mentioned earlier, Zenith made many great Chronometers – another theme to lose your self in… Stay tuned, to be continued…