Omega 2400 Suverän: A Swedish classic

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During the 1940’s Omega had a number of watches with the famous Calibre 30T2, one of them were specific for the Swedish market: the Omega reference 2400 Suverän.

“Suverän” in Swedish can be translated as “sovereign” which might be what Omega was going for back in the 1940’s… In today’s language I would rather translate it as “awesome”!

The reference 2400 Suverän is a true Swedish classic! Not long ago you could find these 20 on the dozen… Now most of them got stuck in collections and the few on the market are often in so-so condition…

The Suverän came with several different dial versions. Black, grey, white, two-tone… With different index markings.

Mine have the white dial with Roman numbers. The these numbers have like a silver mirror effect, fantastic to see when the light play over the dial.

Omega 2400 Suverän – on top of the original box

Love this version with it’s clean dial, balanced numbers and silver leaf hands.

Omega 2400 Suverän – Roman numbers with mirror effect

During the 1940’s Omega made several iterations of the Suverän, with different types of case back engravings, mine is the 2400-7 which have the quite sterile look except the Omega/Suverän.

Omega 2400 Suverän – the case back bearing the name

The 30T2 was the bigger 30 mm movement from Omega during this time period. Something that the advertisement picked up – “Ett stort argument för det stora verket: precision” – A big argument for the big movement: the precision!

The Calibre 30T2 were used in several different Omega references, some of the Chronometer certified.

Omega Calibre 30T2 PC – ca 1946-1947 based on the movement number

Notice the JPB mark in the top right corner? J.P. Brandt was Omega agent here in Sweden during many years.

Omega 2400 Suverän – Swedish ad from 1946

Stjärnurmakarna – a retailer here in Sweden which is still active, but I am not sure if they still sell Omega watches.

“Armbandsuret med fickurets precision” – The wrist watch with the pocket watch precision. Yes, Omega Suverän is a Swedish classic!