Omega 1930’s Pocket Watch Calibre 38.5

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Earlier I showed you a couple of Jaeger-LeCoultre stainless steel pocket watches. This time I thought I would share a similar pocket watch from Omega.

This kind of thin tail-coat pocket watches are often in gold with zone dials, so when I found this steel version I could not help picking it up…

Solid stainless steel case, two-tone zone dial, enlarged sub-seconds dial, extra flat… Very elegant!

Omega 1930’s Pocket Watch – Calibre 38.5

Inside is the Calibre 38.5L.T1. At the time of photo shoot I could not find the correct document, so the Calibre 39.5 had to do. Sorry for that.

Based on the movement number my pocket watch is from 1939-1940.

The document I could not find during the photo shoot is this one, J.P Brandt catalogue from 1937, featuring a very similar Calibre 38.5 stainless steel pocket watch but with Roman numeral instead. It even have the same type of hands, top right.

Omega J.P Brandt – catalogue 1937

Yes, there are a lot of nice and interesting pocket watches out there…