On the wooden beam: Minerva VD 712 Chronograph

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Sweden never had many Military watches like Great Brittan or France, just to name a couple of countries with strong tradition of military issued watches…

I think the most famous is the Lemania Tg 195 but there are some others…

Like this watch – the Minerva VD 712 Chronograph.

The Minerva VD 712 was used by the Swedish Marine from the mid-late 1950’s and onwards.

Not sure when they were taken out of service, but I have friends which made their military service in the late 1980’s which claims they saw some of these watches onboard. Bear in mind that none of them were into watches back then so I am not 100% sure on the reliability of this claim but yes, the VD 712 was in use for a long time.

Each ship including submariners had a couple of chronograph’s onboard, used for navigation and fire range calculation.

My watch is an early version with the “SHOCK-ABSORBER” on the dial which later was replaced with “INCABLOC”.

On the wooden beam – Minerva VD 712:

Minerva VD 712 – on the wooden beam

37 mm in diameter, 12 hours/three counters chronograph. Heated blue hands and a warm yellow patina – yes, enough for me to make an exception to my “no chrono” rule…

Minerva VD 712 – nicely balanced and aged

A manual column wheel chronograph – the Calibre Valjoux 72 movement.

Minerva VD 712 – inside Valjoux 72

How to identify the movement? Look into your library…

Valjoux 72 – identification 1950

On the wrist, this is a very nice balanced and aged chronograph. Perfect for the summer!

More wooden beam posts to come…