On the wooden beam: Omega Seamaster 176.005

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During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Omega made some quite extrem looking watches. Like the PloProf, the Bullhead and the Electroquartz.

Another extreme looking watch was the Omega Seamaster reference 176.005.

Some call this watch “Jedi” but I am not convinced by the nickname. On the reference 145.024 I can relate to the name Jedi, it looks the part – fast, lean, lethal…

This big bulky, rather square looking watch is more of a Jabba the Hutt if you ask me… As an old Star Wars fan (first trilogy) there is nothing big and bulky about a Jedi…

Jabba the Hutt might not be a flattering name, but a very cool Jabba it is!

On the wooden beam you really see the depth of the Omega Seamaster 176.005 – look at the Tachymeter scale, it is printed on the vertical inside of the dial!

Omega Seamaster 176.005 – on the wooden beam

The Omega Seamaster 176.005 is a thick watch for it’s time, size: 42 x 49 mm and almost 16 mm thick.

The sunburst silver dial blends into the case, make it look like its made from one block. The black time hands and index makes good contrast against the lighter background.

Omega Seamaster 176.005 – black time hands, light blue chronograph hands

The chronograph is a 12h chronograph with only one sub-dial for the hours, both the chronograph minutes and seconds hands are on the main dial.

The second sub-dial is the running seconds and day/night indicator.

The light blue chronograph hands stands out from the black time hands making reading the chronograph easy.

On the wrist the 176.005 is surprisingly comfortable! When I first encountered this watch I thought it would be hard to wear due to the thickness, but after a minute with this watch on your wrist, you have forgotten about that worry and only think of what a cool watch you have on your wrist!

Omega Seamaster 176.005 – on the wrist

Yes, the Funky 70’s is a very cool theme I will go deeper into…