On the wooden beam: Omega 2913-7 Seamaster 300

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This is a watch I have showed you earlier and I will show you again in the future… Can’t help it!

The time has come for the Omega 2913-7 Seamaster 300 to go up on the wooden beam!

Here in Sweden you encounter the Omega 2914 Railmaster fairly regular but the 2913 Seamaster is not very common…

Guess Sweden was not considered a market for skin diving watches back in the 1950’s…

Looking into my library, in the Swedish Omega catalogue from 1958 only the Railmaster and Speedmaster are included. Not until 1959, two years after the release, the Seamaster 300 was included in the Swedish catalogue.

Omega 2913-7 Seamaster 300 – on the wooden beam

Same as with the Railmaster and Speedmaster, Omega changed some details between the different iterations of the Seamaster 300.

The very first 2913-1 had the broad arrow on the hour hand and count-down indications on the bezel. My 2913-7 have the broad arrow on the minute hand which in combination with the count-up bezel feels logical for a divers watch – easy to keep track of how many minutes you have been diving.

Omega 2913-7 Seamaster 300 – broad arrow minute hand, count-up bezel

In the British Omega catalogue from 1963-1964 this configuration is featured but without the lollipop seconds hand.

Omega catalogue – British 1963-1964

Price: 49 Sterling… Give me T.W.O please…

On the wrist, cool yet elegant as always!

Omega 2913-7 Seamaster 300 – on the wrist

As a bonus, I will include a side-by-side shot: the 2914-6 Railmaster lollipop and the 2913-7 Seamaster lollipop:

Left: 2914-6 Railmaster lollipop – right: 2913-7 Seamaster lollipop

The Seamaster line must be one of Omega’s most diversified line through history. From dress-, divers-, chronographs-, alarms watches and more…

But the first model of the Seamaster 300 is hard to beat!