On the wooden beam: CYMA SUB 300T Professional

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Let’s continue the SUB 300T series with one of the more rare versions, the CYMA SUB 300T Professional.

A lesser known fact is that once…

Synchron took over ownership of DOXA, they made SUB 300T labelled both Ernest Borel and like here, CYMA! Two other brands also within the Synchron Group.

Here is an Synchron advertisement from 1973 showing the relation between CYMA, DOXA and Ernest Borel:

Synchron ad 1973 – CYMA, DOXA and Ernest Borel

So, let’s have a look on the CYMA SUB 300T Professional, on the wooden beam:

CYMA SUB 300T Professional – on the wooden beam

As I wrote in my DOXA SUB 300T Sharkhunter post, my understanding is that the reference on the case back is a case reference rather than a model reference.

One thing talking for this is that my DOXA SUB 300T and my CYMA SUB 300T have the same case and also share the same reference on the back, 11899-4, even if different brands on the dial.

This CYMA was made for the European market, no Aqua-lung and meters bezel. Interestingly there is no Synchron logo on the dial, while both movement and bracelet do have the Synchron markings.

CYMA SUB 300T Professional – case 11899-4

Now what do differ from the DOXA case are A) the crown, both have screw down crowns but the CYMA is of a different profil. B) the case back engraving, the CYMA logo on the back.

CYMA SUB 300T Professional – CYMA logo on the back

Here is a side view of three SUB 300T, DOXA 11899-4 DOXA 58098-59 and CYMA 11899-4. As you can see, the two 11899-4 have the same case profile, while the 58098-59 in the middle have a slimmer profile. In this shot, the different CYMA crown is also shown.

3x SUB 300T – side view

On the wrist this is such a cool watch! The feeling is awesome, especially since the bracelet is so fresh, I found this watch in close to NOS condition…

CYMA SUB 300T Professional – on the wrist

Yes, a new theme in the collection, but some times the “stars” align…!

3x Synchron logo

To end this post, here is a front view line-up: CYMA SUB 300T professional, DOXA SUB 300T professional Aqua-lung and DOXA SUB 300T Sharkhunter:

As said, this is a quite new theme in my collection, one I will continue for sure! So stay tuned…

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