On the wooden beam: Rolex 1675 GMT-master

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One of the most popular watches right now, after the Patek Philippe Nautilus, I think is the Rolex GMT-master…

This watch came into my collection through a friend, some years ago…

As you might have noticed, I don’t have a lot of Rolex watches and I am not really up to speed with the Rolex lingo but I will give it a try: 1675, 1-63, gilt dial, chapter ring, pointed crown guards, exclamation dot, OP, SCOC…

Did I forget anything? Not sure…

Eitherway, this is a wonderful watch, especially during the spring and summer! Guess it’s due to the faded bezel.

Rolex reference 1675 GMT-master, on the wooden beam:

Rolex 1675 – on the wooden beam

The exclamation dot has fallen off, only a faint mark is left but the pointed crown guards are still sharp.

Rolex 1675 – pointed crown guards

One the wrist, a wonderful watch – especially when the sun is out!

Rolex 1675 – on the wrist

Here is a small bonus for you: Rolex ad from 1958 showing the predecessor, reference 6542, the one that started the GMT-master series:

Rolex ad – GMT-master and Zephyr 1958