Shot of the day: LeCoultre Galaxy with diamonds

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Here is a watch that really show how fashion can differ in different parts of the world.

For example, here in the north part of Europe, steel watches has always been most popular, in the southern part of Europe gold watches was more popular back in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Among collectors today, I guess that steel is more popular in general due to the fact that most sports watches are in steel… And yes, sports watches are most popular among collectors.

Regardless of case metal, diamonds on the dial has never been very popular among men here in Europe.

But in the 1950’s and 1960’s LeCoultre, the North American market had a series of watches with diamonds on the dial for men!

The model were called “Galaxy” and had so called mystery dials.

LeCoultre Galaxy – shot of the day

Several different versions existed for both ladies and gentlemen, with or without diamonds on bezel and/or index.

What might be surprising is that the gentleman versions is more commonly see than the ladies versions.

LeCoultre ad 1957 – Diamond Galaxy trio

Even if this model is a man’s watch, it belong to my wife. The white gold, 33 mm case fits her wrist better than mine, plus I am having a hard time seeing myself with 37 diamonds on the dial…

The ad say 35 diamonds, but the fact is that it’s only T.W.O diamonds at six o’clock. 3 x 12 -1 + 2 for the hands, 37 diamonds in total.

Based on the movement number, this watch is from 1955. More common is the white dial version, the black dial is not often seen, but she like it better due to the contrast with the diamonds.

LeCoultre Galaxy – 37 diamonds

On the back we see some engravings that might surprise some… “Vacheron & Constantin – LeCoultre Watches Inc.”

LeCoultre Galaxy – Vacheron & Constantin – LeCoultre Watches Inc.

This can be explained by this ad from 1962: Vacheron & Constantin – LeCoultre Watches Inc. Division of Longies-Wittnauer watch company.

Not sure if I ever saw a Vacheron & Constantin dialled Galaxy but if they existed, they can’t be as many as the LeCoultre version.

LeCoultre ad 1962 – Division of Longies-Wittnauer watch company

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Stay tuned, more to see and discover in a JLC Galaxy far, far away…!