Shot of the day: Longines W.W.W.

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British Military WWW – Watch Wrist Waterproof

We all know their existence, most of us have at one point thought it would be nice to have one, or all twelve…

Early in my collection was the Jaeger-LeCoultre WWW which may not surprise anyone…

But after that I hesitated, too many strange and modern modified WWW watches around so I didn’t dare to go further…

But then, some years ago I got offered this Longines reference 23088 W.W.W. and I could not help myself from picking it up…

The truth is that I know very lite about this watch, what made me go for this one was the look.

The step case has a great presence on the wrist, 37.5 mm in diameter – I know some claim it to be 38 mm, but I guess that’s a bit exaugurated…

The big cathedral hands, the black dial with the white broad arrow… Yes, sweet package which is hard to resist!

Shot of the day: Longines 23088 WWW

Shot of the day – Longines 23088 WWW

Of all the different WWW versions I think the Longines is the best looking due to the case size and bezel. Not the rarest, but best looking.

According to different sources, the production number of the Longines WWW is somewhere between 5000 – 8000 pieces. Rarest is the Grana 1000 – 1500 pieces and the most common once are CYMA, Omega and Records with around 25000 pieces each.

On the back, again the broad arrow, the WWW and the F-serial number. Not sure why Longines got the “F” instead of “L”. “L” held by Record. Or why CYMA and Eterna both have “P”, but I guess there is a logic behind all this…

Longines 23088 WWW – case back

Inside is the manual Calibre 12.68Z – a true work horse which were in production for decades. The WWW version with gilt movement, heated blue screws and big red jewels is very attractive.

Longines WWW – Calibre 12.68Z

I gave up the idea of having all twelve… But if I ever stumble over more of them, who know…?!

Longines 23088 WWW – cathedral hands

I find military watches fascinating, not so much for the military connection but due to the fact that they are true tool watches made for the purpose of being a tool under though circumstances!

I will return to this topic with my Jaeger-LeCoultre version of the WWW. Stay tuned!