Shot of the day: Girard-Perregaux 8017 Laureato Olimpico Chronograph

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Twenty three years have passed since the last Girard-Perregaux Olimpico were launched…

Back in 1996 the Girard-Perregaux relaunched their Sport Chic Laureato line from the 1970’s.

Girard-Perregaux ad 1996 – 8010 Laureato

Reference 8010 time only as shown in the advertising above and reference 8017 Chronograph. Included were also a Limited Edition of the 8017 Chronograph – a Olimpico Edition limited to 999 pieces.

After the launch Girard-Perregaux received a letter from the Olympic committee that the “Olimpico” is a protected trade mark and the Olimpico Chronograph line stopped…

From 1968 to 1996 – twenty eight years and at least nine different references. I am still not 100% sure I if there are more and I still miss T.W.O of the once I know of…

The Olimpico line and it’s history is still a bit in the shadows… No wonder that Girard-Perregaux collectors love these watches!

Girard-Perregaux 8017 Olimpico – shot of the day

As said, the Laureato were relaunched in 1996. Design based on the original Laureato from the 1975.

The 8017 Chronograph existed both as a normal production version and as a Limited Edition “Olimpico” version, both existed in several different metals and dial colours.

How to separate between the Olimpico and the non-Olimpico? From observations my take is that:

A) Case back must have the Olimpico engraving else it’s not an Olimpico.

B) Original dial have the Olimpico over the six o’clock sub-dial. I have observed several 8017 with the Olimpico on the back but not on the dial, here I suspect that the dial has at some point been replaced.

C) To my understanding all 999 Olimpico 8017 had the Clous-de-Paris pattern on the dial, three colours existed: white, blue and grey.

Girard-Perregaux 8017 Olimpico – Laureato is back

Mine is the stainless steel version but there were also steel/gold and full gold – both yellow- and pink gold.

The case is 39 mm in diameter, 42 mm including the crown guard.

13 mm thick including the crystal and octagon shaped bezel. Both at the original launch and at the relaunch in 1996 the Laureato were sold as a thin Sports Chic watch in the luxury segment.

Considering that inside is the GP Calibre 3170, based on the GP Calibre 3100 which is only 2.98 mm thick, this is understandable.

Girard-Perregaux 8017 Olimpico – “ultrathin”

Here it the Laureato Olimpico engraving on the back.

Girard-Perregaux 8017 Olimpico – Limited Edition 999 pieces

The Girard-Perregaux reference 8017 Laureato Olimpico Chronograph is a great watch which both looks and feels very young and fresh and not lika a twenty three year old watch!

I have one more Girard-Perregaux Olimpico Chronograph to show you… Stay tuned!

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