Jaeger and LeCoultre Clock 51

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Already mentioned in my report on the Jaeger Clock 73, clocks are a big part of the Jaeger-LeCoultre heritage!

It is easy to think that once you made an alarm clock movement you stop develop… You just recycle the movement over and over again in different shape of clocks…

Yes, Jaeger-LeCoultre had many versions carrying the same movement inside, but never stopped develop better and more sophisticated movements for their clocks – both movements and cases.

Here is one scan from 1956 which shows the width of their collection: top-left the Nechuateloise – an alarm clock/music box, the alarm plays a melody. Top-right, the Ados – the folding stand also serves as a protection of the dial while travelling. The T.W.O lower clocks – 8 day movements, you only need to wind it once per week…

Jaeger-LeCoultre ad 1956 – clocks

The lower-right clock is the reference 51, not to be mistaken by the larger reference 93 (50 mm).

The clock 51 has a gilt, 45 mm case which came in several colours – red, blue, black and green. Labelled Jaeger for the European market and LeCoultre for the North American market.

Jaeger clock 51 – front

On the back most of these clocks are very similar – the winder is uni-directional, winds both time and alarm at the same time. Once the alarm have gone off, you need to wind it again to activate the alarm.

One crown to set the time and one to set the alarm. The slider at four opens the window at three to allow you to calibrate the movement if needed.

Jaeger clock 51 – back

Here shown in the 1957 German Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue.

Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue – 1957 German

As mentioned, these also existed labelled LeCoultre and with two tone dial.

Jaeger, LeCoultre and LeCoultre – all reference 51

I guess the clock 51 is one of the more common alarm/travel clocks from the 1950’s… Perfect for the traveller who do not want wake up by lower but sharper sounding Memovox!

The sound of the clock 51 is much louder and like a school bell than a cricket…

Yes, clocks is a big part of the Jaeger-LeCoultre heritage… Even in more recent time than you might think!

Not convinced? Still a bit sceptical..?

Let me give you an example, this is what Jaeger-LeCoultre chose to present in the Basel Fair magazine 1968: Memovox pocket alarm clocks

Jaeger-LeCoultre Basel Fair 1968 – Memovox pocket alarms

Meanwhile, Heuer presented the Camaro and Autavia chronographs… And IWC showed the Ingenieur 866 and the Aquatimer 816…

Heuer Basel Fair 1968 – Camaro and Autavia

Jaeger-LeCoultre could have chosen to put the Polaris “1968” on display… Or… You can read my thought about that here: Jaeger-LeCoultre E 859 Memovox Polaris 1968, a “mystery” but obviously, back then clocks were more prioritised…

I will give you more examples, so stay tuned!

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