Rule #4: Always make your watch complete

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To be able to do what I do – I collect watches… I try to live by a few simple rules as a guideline for all my actions when it comes to watches…

I thought I should start to share some of these rules with you here.

Rule #4: Always make your watch complete.

This rule can be interpret in many ways, up to each collector where to draw the line…

Here is a typical example –

Most collectors focus on the watch itself, the “watch head”. Of course, it is the most important part of the watch!

Many collectors wants box and papers, “a complete set”.

Often collectors hunt for the perfect strap, there are different schools. “Old school”, find original strap or bracelet.

Jaeger-LeCoulte – NSA bracelet 1970s

“New kids on the block”, find the coolest combo.

Jaeger-LeCoulte Master Compressor Memovox – strap options

Me, I am a bit of both… I like to find the original strap to store in the original box, while wearing a good looking modern strap! That way I can enjoy my watch and still have the original package complete.

But here, most collectors stop.

For me that is not a complete watch. Most of my watches I wear on non-original straps – but with original buckle! This is most important on vintage watches…

I don’t know how many times at GTG’s – you see a stunning vintage watch, often with a good strap but with some random modern buckle!?

Like seeing the most beautiful girl in a stunning dress, just to realise she wears mis-fitting, broken, dirty old shoes…

To me, this is so important that in which order I get the watch or buckle doesn’t matter…

Here are a few buckles that still waiting for the right watch to come along…

Jaeger-LeCoulte – buckles mix

If you have the box or paper is noting you can enjoy during the every day use of your watch, but the pleasure of turning your wrist and see a original, matching, time period correct buckle on your watch… Priceless!

Jaeger-LeCoulte – buckle 1960s

A great pleasure you always have while wearing your watch!

But be careful – a lot of fakes out there… Which leads to my next rule…

To be continued, stay tuned!