Shot of the day: Longines 9000 Conquest

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Another classic Longines model is the Conquest – I wrote about it already this summer in my “On the wooden beam” post.

This time I like to show you the same reference 9000 but in black.

The black dial totally changes the character of the watch and so does the silver index!

One detail which I find a bit surprising is the difference between the T.W.O except for the dial colour – the bezel.

I know that there were several different bezel/cases for the Conquest through the years, but both these watches are reference 9000.

Here some examples, all in the 90nn series.

Longines catalogue – 1961 Conquest

Here, side-by-side, the black dial is 9000-11 while the silver dial is 9000-12.

Yes, I need to dig deeper into Longines… Stay tuned!