LeCoultre 2957 B Mark 7A for the British RAF

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Before I continue my Jaeger-LeCoultre and the U.S. market reports, I like to share a bit different LeCoultre watch…

The LeCoultre reference 2957 B Mark 7A delivered to the British RAF.

This is a watch which was specially made on order for the British Royal Air Force, so clearly aimed for the European market – but with LeCoultre on the dial!

Yes, they are still a part of Europe even if they ever succeed with the Brexit… So why LeCoultre?

The Mark 7 can be seen with both Jaeger-LeCoultre or LeCoultre dial, from observations I get the feeling that the LeCoultre version is a bit more common.

My example is from 1943, based on the movement number. 32 mm in diameter, heated blue hands and a white dial which turned into a warm cream tone…

The broad diamond shaped hour and minute hands together with the thin seconds hand gives great contrast to this watch.

And on the back is the British military markings: Broad arrow, 6B/159, A nnnnn.

No one really knows why so many Mark 7A was delivered to the British RAF with LeCoultre dials…

Zaf Basha in his book “Jaeger-LeCoultre a guide for the collector” mention a theory about supply problems during the second World War… Sounds reasonable, but I guess it will be hard to prove.

Regardless – its a very charming watch and the LeCoultre signed dial adds a bit of mystery to it!

As a background in the photos is this beautiful Art Deco ad from the 22nd of August 1931: “Outfit the plane, the car and the pretty woman!”

Stay tuned – more LeCoultre related reports on its way!

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