Tissot 6220 Chronograph

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Vintage Tissot has a quite wide pallet of watches to offer. The good part is that you don’t need to scarify any internal organs to afford them…

I find the “Omega” years most interesting, 1930 – 1960. Not sure exactly when Tissot and Omega parted. If my understanding is correct…

The T.W.O brands merged in 1930 and for the next three decades, style and quality were very similar for both brands. During the 1960’s my perception is that Tissot started to fall behind in quality to target a different customers, i.e. a lower price segment…

The interesting part is that even if the quality of both Omega and Tissot used to be the same, the view of the brands among collectors do not reflect quality…

I would say most collectors view reflects what the modern brands stand for today! Which is a pity since there are a lot of hidden nuggets among vintage Tissot.

Like this chronograph – Tissot reference 6220 from the mid 1940’s.

Tissot 6220 Chronograph – 2 register, 30 minutes

A T.W.O register, 30 minutes chronograph. Black, gilt dial with luminous numerals and hands…

The three minute “Telephone call” markers. The extended lines at 3, 6 and 9 was used to time telephone calls which were charged per every three minutes.

A 35 mm in diameter, waterproof, stainless steel case. Round pushers and a slightly bigger crown to wind and set the time.

Tissot 6220 Chronograph – black, gilt dial

Based on the movement serial number, my watch was manufactured in 1945 and according to the receipt, it was sold on the 3rd of April, 1947 – in a small town in the south part of Sweden.

Inside is a manual column wheel movement, Calibre Tissot 27-41 equipped with Incabloc shock protection.

Tissot 6220 Chronograph – Calibre Tissot 27-41

Maybe you still think, “yeah, but it’s a Tissot”… Well yes, but at the same time it’s a Lemania.

The Calibre Tissot 27-41 is based on the Calibre Lemania CH27!

Both Omega and Tissot used a lot of Lemania chronograph movements for their watches back then.

Here is a scan from the movement specification for the Calibre Tissot 27-4 family.

Calibre Tissot 27-4 family – movement specification

Yes, there are many vintage Tissot watches out there which if you took the time to look closer, you may find very interesting!

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