Shot of the day: Eterna-matic 130T KonTiki

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Another early divers watch, this time from Eterna-matic: reference 130T KonTiki.

This is the first divers version of the KonTiki from 1958. “Super-waterproof” down to 20ATM / 200 meters. Carrying it’s name after the raft Thor Heyerdahl made his famous voyage in 1947 over the Pacific Ocean.

Big luminous triangles over the 12/3/6/9 is something I find very charming!

Eterna-matic – 130T KonTiki from 1958

Again, these catchy advertisements, “When a man’s life depends on his watch”! A shark lurking in the background. Oh, yes! This is a watch must have – your life depends on it!

Personally I really enjoy these early divers. They are often in moderat size compared with today’s standard (35 mm – 37 mm), without the turning bezel they wear like a dress watch but with some volume and with a cool look. Since they are built stronger than dress watches from the time, they are more easy going to wear in every day life.

I will keep presenting more of these early divers here, so stay tuned!