Shot of the day: Zenith 28800 Respirator

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Fresh back from the watchmaker, running stronger than ever – my Zenith 28800 Respirator!

With roots in the 1960’s, the Respirator was in the catalogue all the way into the 1970’s. According to Rössler’s book, the Square Respirator was in production between 1968 to 1972.

The name referring to the French “respirature”, English: “breathing device”. The “breathing” comes from the T.W.O piece case which allowed the top part to “move” depending on pressure – read his book and you will understand the construction.

Here it is on a black racing strap – makes it look fast! Now, can you see the mix-up?

Zenith 28800 Respirator – on a racing strap

Personally I am not a big fan of watches with the date at four o’clock… I much prefer the traditional three o’clock position… But on a square watch like this, I kind of like it – makes the dial look less crowded.

According to some sources, this blue dial version is considered “rare”, but to me it looks like it is equally “rare” as the white dial version…

I get the feeling that “rare” is overused in the watch community…

“Rare gilt dial”, “rare tropical dial” or like some limited editions we see these days… “Limited Edition of 12007 pieces world wide”… Is that really a “limited edition”? Yes, maybe, but definitely not rare in my book.

Zenith 28800 Respirator – “rare” blue dial

Have you spotted the mix-up yet?

No? Look at the background – here is the full scan:

Longines ad – Jamboree, Conquest and Flagship

On this racing strap the Respirator looks fast, so I got this image in my head for background… Only to realise it is a Longines ad…!

Either way, I like the combo for now… If I only could remember in which box I put the original bracelet…

Stay tuned for more shots on the original bracelet (if I find it)…