Shot of the day: Rolex 5500 Air-King

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One watch I had for many years is the Rolex reference 5500 Air-King. I never wore it due to it needed a cleanup… Last year I finally got around to service it…

And the result?

Clean as a whistle!

Rolex 5500 Air-King – clean as a whistle

Very happy to have it back to it’s former glory I showed it to a couple of friends… Their first reaction was… Boring!

Hm, some friends, eh?

But that got me thinking – because before I showed it to my friends, while trying it on my wrist I didn’t get the normal “high” as I get when strapping on a watch back from service…

Looking at this Air-King, the reason I got it was due to the dial – clean sunburst silver dial with ebony index – a combination I have on several of my watches which I love.

Rolex 5500 Air-King – too clean?

Yes, it is a lovely dial – but the package is maybe too clean? No date, no alarm to break up the symmetry…

Here the 5500 is featured in the 1977 Rolex catalogue, my Air-King being from the year after…

Rolex catalogue 1977 – Air-King 5500

I wonder – can a watch be too clean? So clean it becomes boring?