Enicar Sherpa: Seapearl 600 case

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One of my more recent acquaintance is this Enicar Sherpa with the Seapearl 600 case.

One of many one crown super compressor case watches from Enicar.

What really catch my attention here is the dial…!

Very different from most of these Enicar Sherpa’s with Seapearl cases…

Dark blue-greyish dial – sunburst!

Based of the case reference 140-39-06 and the style of hands and dial, my guess is that this one is from mid-1960’s.

I get a bit of “IWC Ingenieur 866A” feeling of this watch… Maybe wishful thinking but yes, similar appearance, even if this Sherpa, 36 mm in diameter – is one mm smaller than the Ingenieur 866A.

But once you turn the watch over, the similarities ends…

On the back is the Seapearl 600 with the bayonet locking.

Inside is no automatic like the 866A… Instead we have the manual movement Calibre AR 1140, base movement for the Calibre AR 1141 used by the Enicar Star Jewels I shared not long ago.

Difference between the T.W.O Calibres is the date complication on the Calibre AR 1141.

Yet another Enicar Sherpa entering the collection…

Will report more on this one, once we go to know each other a bit more – so stay tuned…