Girard-Perregaux: 9034 “Playboy” Moon Watch

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That Girard-Perregaux always had a special relation with the allure of the Moon and that many of their models includes the Moon Phases complication is not a big surprise…

What may be lesser known is that in 1967 Girard-Perregaux released a “Moon watch” …

T.W.O years before the actual Moon landing…

And what may be even more surprising is that the Moon Phases are static on the dial!

The reference 9034 is often called “Dot dial” due to it looks but the original design by Girard-Perregaux were meant to represent the different Moon Phases, hence the name Moon watch!

The 9034 were a very popular model which very in production between 1967 to 1976 and made in 13800 pieces!

Not all 9034 were with the Moon dial, there were several different dials – many of them hand painted like the Moon dial! We will look at other dial versions in a separate report.

The 9034 also existed in both stainless steel case and gold plated case.

It was so popular that it got featured in the Playboy Magazine, something Girard-Perregaux used in their advertisement…!

Here the 9034 is featured in the 1969/1970 Girard-Perregaux catalogue:

9034 The famous “Moon Watch”, chosen by the magazine “Playboy”.
Waterproof model. Different kinds of dials. Sport bracelet “Corfam”. Steel or gold plated.

As the dial and hands were hand painted large variety can be observed, all from almost no white shadows around the Moon to very large shadows… From all white to only white tips of the hands…

Inside is the manual GP Calibre 12.3 based on the AS 1640.

A Playboy Moon watch – before the first Moon landing…!

A great example of the playful and innovative thinking that always has been a part of the La Chaux de Fonds based brand.

As mentioned, there are several different dials of the 9034, if you like to see more versions – stay tuned…

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