Rule #3: Patience is a virtue – revisited

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Earlier I told you about some of my rules for collecting watches… These rules apply mostly on vintage watch collecting but in general as well…

Here is another example of a typical Rule #3 case – the 1963 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue!

As you may have noticed I use old documentations to learn about and verify vintage watches.

In that process, original ads and catalogues from the time when the watch in question was new are great sources of information.

In general I basically cover the period 1930 – 1979 when it comes to Jaeger-LeCoultre, but there are so many different documents and catalogues and no complete list making it possible for you to know if you have them all or not…

All you can do is to keep hunting and hope for the best… In other words – patience.

Many documents exists in different languages, exact copies of each other, just in different languages. But some document have some small local differences which makes it more difficult – just because you have one document you can’t stop hunting that document…

Then you might miss some important information.

The 1963 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue is such example – since a few years back I have the German version. It is more of a pamphlet containing 10 pages, than a real catalogue.

Covering Memovox, Geomatic and a few others of the more common Jaeger-LeCoultre watches from 1963.

The document have proven to be very helpful and I have used it in several of my reports here.

Not long ago the same document came up for sale and of course I had to have it!

To the left, the German version, to the right the new document – difference being that the new document is in three languages, French, German and English.

I do read German but it’s always easier for me to read an English version of a document.

1963 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue – T.W.O different versions looking very similar

As a pleasant surprise, when I received the catalogue – it was not a 10 page pamphlet but a full catalogue with 96 pages!

Now comparing the T.W.O documents I can see that all references that are included in the pamphlet are not present in the larger catalogue, i.e. none of the document holds a complete list of all Jaeger-LeCoultre watches during 1963.

This new document have a lot more information than the pamphlet I had from before, but since none of them are complete there might be more…

In other words – the hunt goes on… Rule #3 Patience is a virtue…

1963 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue – content

I haven’t had time to study all pages in detail, but one of the pages shows the E 952 which I wrote about in this report – Shot of the day: Jaeger-LeCoultre E 952.

1963 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue – featuring the E 952

I finally found a document featuring the exact version of the E 952.

Based on the movement number this watch is from 1962 which aligns well with the document from 1963!

The 1963 catalogue show even more examples of dress watches with the logo at three…

1963 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue – dress watches with logo at three

Always a pleasure to find a document featuring a watch you have in your collection – especially when the illustration is identical to your watch!

Yes, another example of Rule #3 Patience is a virtue.

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When time allow I will share more from this and other documents – stay tuned!