Jaeger-LeCoultre 1993: Reverso Tourbillon

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The second Limited Edition Pink Gold Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso in the series of six different pieces with complications was the Reverso Tourbillon.

Released in 1993, T.W.O years after the first piece, the Reverso 60th Anniversary “60ème”, Jaeger-LeCoultre pushed the limit even further and created a Grand Complication in a Reverso.

I would like to start with this simple statement – I LOVE THIS WATCH!

Such a understated and discreet watch, from a distance it’s easy to mistake this watch for a normal Reverso Grande Taille…

Up close, this is anything but normal!

The at the time rather new Grande Taille case – perfectly balanced, the hand engraved silver dial with a beautiful Guilloche centre and sub-seconds, the heated blue hands…

Only when you are close enough to read the text arced above the sub-seconds, then you get a hint that this is not an regular Reverso!

And once you turn the case around… There it is – the Calibre 828!

The rectangular shape of the movement fills the case to the rim – almost as if the case was moulded around the movement, the rather unusual bridge design that covers most of the movement gives a solid yet elegant look.

And even more importantly – doesn’t distract the eye from focusing on the Tourbillon!

Looking into the 1993 Jaeger-LeCoultre catalogue, it is easy to see from where the inspiration comes from – the Calibre 170. You can read more about it here: Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Chronometer No 464254

The bridge design, the Geneva bar decoration and the construction holding the Tourbillon cage… Even the visibility of the rather large screw heads…

The upper right part is covered with a retrograde power reserve indicator (45h), the area enhanced by another beautiful Guilloche pattern.

One detail I am very fond of is the cut out made in the “three Reverso lines” at the bottom, to give the Tourbillon space.

You who read my Reverso 60th Anniversary “60ème” report might remember that I thought it was a bold move of Jaeger-LeCoultre to release a Reverso with complications in the aftermath of the Quartz crises…

But I must say that I think this was an even bolder move!

Back in 1993 Tourbillon was not as hot as it is today and to make a Tourbillon that you can’t see on the dial? That would be considered daring even today!

The fact that you can’t see the Tourbillon on the dial has a big appeal to me… Instead it is the owners BIG“little secret”!

Only thing making that would make this watch even more describable would be to remove the Tourbillon text from the dial…

A BIG thank you to Jaeger-LeCoultre for letting me admire this important piece in the Reverso history!

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