Jaeger-LeCoultre and the U.S. market: Special watches – quick followup, the LeCoultre Sultana

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I like to make a followup on my previous report on the LeCoultre Sultan, this time I like to introduce you to the LeCoultre Sultana!

Social media can be discussed if good or bad, too much or not…

But one thing is for sure – it is a very powerful tool to connect and bring people together around a common interest. Like watches…

The other day I reported about the LeCoultre Sultan.

It all started with me scrolling through some Instagram feeds and commenting on @roni__m_29 post of his Sultan. That led me to reach out to him and ask if he would mind sharing some photos of his watch for a report.

@roni__m_29, a gentleman I only know through Instagram accepted my request and it resulted in the Sultan report.

When the Sultan report went online, another gentleman and Instagram member which I also only know through this social media channel, @ttothmilan reached out to me and offered photos of the ladies version of the Sultan – the Sultana!

I happily accepted his generous offer… And this is how we ended up here, with a second report – the LeCoultre Sultana:

LeCoultre Sultana

The same base design, just smaller in size.

This watch I would estimate is around 17 – 18 mm wide. Very petit, very delicate.

The angled lugs and crystal is the same as on the Sultan, but while the Sultan have five ridges on each lug, the Sultana only have four.

Another difference is that the watch do not have any seconds hand. The Sultana only have hour and minutes hands, which feels natural for such a small dial.

As I mentioned in the previous report, Jaeger-LeCoultre had a lot of stylish models of which several were exclusively made for LeCoultre and the U.S. market. All with very delightful names…

Here are some samples from a LeCoultre advertisement 1953: the Aristocrat and Baroness

LeCoultre ad 1953 – the Aristocrat and Baroness

In all shapes and forms… Of which most were made with gold-filled cases, while some models were made with 14K solid yellow- or white gold.

Like the Mignonette, the Marquise and the Flair

Flair… Do any of you remember the Jaeger-LeCoultre ladies model Idéal from mid 2000? They are not really lookalikes but I get a resembling feeling of the two… The Flair more futuristic and the Idéal more classic, both beautiful!

LeCoultre ad 1953 – the Mignonette, the Marquise and the Flair

The Coronet and then we have the Sultana!

This newspaper clipping gives us another piece of information – not only did black- and white dial exist, there were a Cross-hair dial as well.

LeCoultre ad 1953 – the Coronet and the Sultana

It’s such a futuristic and cool profile of this watch, without loosing its elegance.

LeCoultre Sultana – profile

Inside is the same movement as in the ladies Jubilee collection watches, the Calibre 490.

LeCoultre Calibre 490 – movement specification

What really surprise me with the Sultan and the Sultana is that the same design can very masculine with its angles and futuristic look…

AND very feminine and delicate at the same time!

LeCoultre Sultana – masculine and feminine at the same time

One can only imagine how close to each other and proud the pair wearing the Sultan and the Sultana must have felt back in the late 1940’s and beginning of 1950’s when these watches were new!

LeCoultre His & Hers model – the Sultan and the Sultana

Thank you gentlemen for sharing your watches and letting me look closer on this wonderful His & Hers model!

If you missed the LeCoultre Sultan post – click here.

Stay tuned for more!