Quick followup: The Jaeger-LeCoultre 390 Asymmetric

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Few days ago I posted my report on the Jaeger-LeCoultre reference 390 / LeCoultre reference 2406 and showed my LeCoultre 2406 Asymmetric.

This triggered a fellow collector to show his Jaeger-LeCoultre 390 and of course I asked if I could share his watch here!

The following watch and photos – credit: @leonardkwwf

The obvious difference is of course the name on the dial – Jaeger-LeCoultre instead of my LeCoultre dial. Other than that the dials looks to be very similar. Same layout with thin index lines, yet this version have “SWISS MADE” while my LeCoultre have “SWISS” at the bottom.

With these thin, sharp Dauphine hands I find the 390 is even more elegant than with the needle hands of the 2406.

Jaeger-LeCoultre reference 390

Another main difference which is hard to see but stated in the catalogue – the case is 18K solid gold while my version is the 10K gold plated. Can only imagine how nice the extra weight must feel on the wrist.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 1963 catalogue – 1664 and 390

On the side is the gold Hallmark – French 18K gold case.

Jaeger-LeCoultre reference 390

What is more evident in these profile shots is the satin brushed surfaces – I have seen several versions of polishing of the case on the 390 – polished, brushed, even cross hatched pattern on the bezel.

Jaeger-LeCoultre reference 390

I always find it interesting to compare the same reference – or in this case, different references, same model from different markets.

Looking closely you will always find small subtle differences between the versions.

Jaeger-LeCoultre reference 390

Big thank you to @leonardkwwf for letting me share his watch here!

Here is a link to the original report: Wooden Beam 2020: Jaeger-LeCoultre 390 – LeCoultre 2406

Stay tuned as we will look on more references soon!