Quick followup: The LeCoultre 2406 Asymmetric “DeLuxe”

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So, another version of the Jaeger-LeCoultre reference 390 / LeCoultre reference 2406 surfaced – and of course I like to share it here for reference!

The following watch and photos – credit: @vintage_watch_longines

This is a LeCoultre 2406 Asymmetric “DeLuxe” – the base is the same as my 2406 but in a more luxurious package.

The case is not gold filled but solid 14K gold. On the bezel is the cross hatch pattern I was mentioning in my earlier report.

And then we come to the “DeLuxe” part – brilliant cut diamonds decorates index 3, 9 and 12!

Here in Europe there are many collectors which are not very keen on having diamonds on the dial of a men’s watch – I think you need to go back to the time before wrist watches to find that fashion here, not even sure if I can recall diamonds to be in fashion on men’s pocket watches here in Europe either…

On ladies watches diamonds have always been popular – I guess Marilyn Monroe was singing the truth…

In other parts of the world fashion and culture are more welcoming of diamonds on a men’s watch!

Something that we also see today, several brands have started to include diamonds on some of their finer men’s watches as well…

LeCoultre 2406 “DeLuxe”

Inside is still the Calibre 438/4CW – note the “VXN” import stamp and “UNADJUSTED” which is characteristic for most U.S. market LeCoultre watches. You can read more about it here: U.S. market part 3

Based on the movement number, this watch is from 1961:

LeCoultre Calibre 438/4CW

The inside of the case tells the story – Cased and timed in U.S.A. The case is made locally by the Star Watch Case Company, in 14K gold – reference 2406:

LeCoultre 2406 – 14K gold U.S. made case

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A big thank you to @vintage_watch_longines for letting me add this beautiful version here!

If you have a similar watch to any of the watches I report on here – feel free to contact me if you like to include it on my blog.

Stay tuned for more!